HX50 Helicopter set to disrupt the airspace

Stunningly beautiful from every angle, the HX50 is a masterpiece of sleek futuristic lines to maximize performance. This new fast and efficient helicopter is set to disrupt the international airspace due to the significantly greater performance and price point over rival competitors.

With the option to fully customize your own HX50 helicopter through the online configurator it has simplified the personalization process and created a more engaging experience for the buyer.

Not only has the exterior styling and guest comforts been upgraded but the entire instrumentation and flying experience has been totally redefined with a digital cockpit designed to make flying a helicopter as simple, convenient and intuitive as driving a car.

The clean, uncluttered cockpit delivers automotive levels of simplicity of operation, class leading pilot comfort and convenience, genuinely raising the VFR flying experience to new highs. The HX50, has partnered with a leading avionics manufacturer to deliver the game-changing, avionics flight management suite.

The HX50 produces a maximum of 500bhp and that, together with aircraft’s aerodynamic shape, gives a cruising speed of 140kts or 160mph. That’s extremely fast for a helicopter and to put it into context, the R44 has a cruising speed of only 109kts. Maximum range for the HX50 is an incredibly impressive 700 nautical miles, which is again phenomenal for a helicopter. Robinson also makes a jet version of its machine that’s badged as the R66. Its Rolls-Royce jet engine is substantially less powerful than the designed and built in-house engine in the HX50 and gives the R66 a cruising speed of 110kts.

Hill Helicopter’s machine has beauty and performance on its side, but also price. The HX50 without options is priced at £495,000 plus local taxes which compares with £385,000 for the Robinson R44 and £715,000 for the R66.
For more information about the Hill Helicopter HX50 visit their website

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