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Sourcing great crew is becoming increasingly challenging to meet the requirements of safe manning and also the needs of a yacht owner. Our role is to ease the recruitment process by present only screened, checked and pre-qualified candidates for each assignment. AYC has developed relationships with professional yacht crew over the past 10 years and our global database provides swift access to the most suitable and currently available candidates.

AYC Superyacht Recruitment specializes solely in the business of providing professional yacht crew.

We understand the importance of great crew!

This can be the key to an exceptional experience on a yacht, AYC staff are professionals that have worked in the industry and carry the knowledge of day to day life onboard a Superyacht, we understand the expectations and responsibilities associated with employment in the yachting industry.

What we do…

  • Promote employment opportunities through the website and extensive network or yachting professionals
  • Review, verify and confirm the qualifications and references of suitable candidates
  • Conduct preliminary interviews to ensure suitability for a position
  • Forward pre-qualified candidates with appropriate qualifications for the position
  • Assist with letter of appointment, documentation and logistics to join the yacht

About Us

Australian Yacht Crew Pty Ltd (AYC Superyacht Recruitment) is registered in Australia with an official recruitment license #1645, and operating as per the code of ethics and requirements as published by the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC 2006) to ensure our services are provided in an orderly manner to protect and promotes the employment rights of seafarers.

AYC is a referral agency specializing in the marine industry for the advertisement and promotion employment opportunities and submission of potential candidates suitable for such positions.  The company will use all reasonable professional judgment to select the best crew available at the time for a job order based upon our experience, information available and professional history with each suitable candidate. Applicants are sourced through word of mouth referral, online web applications, social media, industry publications and general marketing.  

Professional crew can register with the AYC through the online website and submit their details for inclusion into the database. Whilst the company and its staff take every reasonable action to ensure that the most qualified individual are presented for each assignment it is strongly recommended that the employer verify the credentials and job history of a successful candidate prior to hiring.

Our fee policy

  • Permanent crew placements are charged at the equivalent of the first month’s salary, any crew member engaged in a role for 3 months or more is considered permanent. Our minimum charge for permanent placement is $1,500 AUD
  • Temporary crew placement is charged at 20% of the total salary earnings for the period of employment or a minimum charge of $350 AUD. This fee applies to crew hired hourly, daily or monthly for less than 90 days.
  • In the event a temporary crew placement results in permanent employment, then such fees shall become applicable and any shortfall invoiced accordingly.

Our Guarantee

AYC guarantees your satisfaction and shall endeavor to replace a crew member in the event or if for any reason the candidate is not meeting the requirements of the position or leaves for any reason during the first 30 days. 
This Guarantee shall only valid if the applicable fees have been paid in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and notice has been provided in writing within 48 hours of the departure of the crew member.

Should a replacement not be sourced though AYC then the fees paid shall be used as credit in the employers account for future placement in the following 12 months.

This guarantee may be annulled in the event of the following;

  • Change in ownership where the crew are employed
  • Substantial change to cruising schedule resulting in crew resignation
  • Change in captain or more than 50% of the crew
  • Failure by the employer to maintain a safe working environment
  • Failure by the employer to maintain a drug free workplace

Your responsibilities as the employer

Through the receipt of these terms and conditions they shall be deemed to have been agreed and accepted unless otherwise notified in writing. Whilst we shall make every effort to source the most suitable candidate for a position the salaries, medical insurance, social security and travel or incidental expenses are the responsibility of the employer.

It is expected that as an employer you shall provide a safe working environment and conditions as per industry standards and / or as outlined within the Maritime Labour Convention of 2006 (MLC 2006).

Employers should provide the successful candidate with a seafarers employment agreement that clearly outlines the crew members salary, working conditions, responsibilities and procedures for complaints or employment termination. If in the event of dismissal, repatriation to the original point of joining the yacht should be provided by the employer.

The information and documentation provided to an employer pertaining to the introduction of crew are for the sole use of that client and must not be disclosed to third parties without the express written approval of AYC.

The employer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless AYC for all liability in relation to employment issues including pay disputes, repatriation or social security.


Through the receipt of these terms and conditions they shall be deemed to have been agreed and accepted unless otherwise notified in writing.


This Agreement is created and shall be governed by the English laws within the territory of Australia. Any claims or appeals against the company should be submitted and according to the High Court of Australia.


The Company makes information available to registered users through the website where they can browse available jobs, crew and employers through the internet. In acceptance of these terms and conditions the company may at its discretion register and create a profile on behalf of the employer or crew. Registered users or those in contact with the company may at any time request information be removed or modified in accordance with the privacy policy.


The company agrees and assumes the intended discretion of an employer or crew and hence shall only disclose contact and provided information directly relevant to a job offer or service provided. Any user of the companies’ services may request a copy of the information held in their profile from the company and or that it be deleted without reason.

The information and documentation provided to an employer pertaining to the introduction of crew are for the sole use of that client and must not be disclosed to third parties without the express written approval of AYC.

Please refer to the links to complete legal documentation, available at for further information.

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