Stylish 200ft sustainable superyacht

Award-winning designer Philipe Briand has released concept images for a 200-foot-long stylish Sailing Yacht designed outperform in its class, yet also developed with ‘green’ technology to capture energy through underwater turbines. The hyper efficient hull form has been inspired from high performance racing yachts to maximize performance and efficiency.

Philipe Briad explained his thoughts and rationale in an article prepared by Bill Springer from Forbes.

“I have always expressed my faith in technology and efficiency, as they are an integral part of the yacht design process,” Briand thoughtfully explains his rationale. “Previously we designed sailing yachts for the express purpose – or the hidden purpose – of winning regattas, and so passionate owners pushed our industry to develop more and more high-tech sailing yachts. But this competitiveness is no longer an appealing motivation for today’s younger generation of yacht owners. As a result, the market for such advanced sailing yachts is dramatically down.

“I believe we need to embrace ‘lateral thinking’ when it comes to the future of sailing yacht design. We want to work alongside owners to create the perfect renewable energy machine, using only wind, water and solar energy to run the yacht and provide an exceptional experience of peace on board and exploration of the sea.

“Instead of using competition between owners as a motivator, environmental sustainability will become the reason to push the boundaries of technology and efficiency in superyachting. This is something we are very passionate about.”

The technology behind the design could potentially provide equivalent power to that of a 500kW generator if just 50% of the energy is captured by the turbines, while maintaining a speed of around 15 knots.

Information and images sourced from Forbes article ‘Stylishly Sustainable 200-Foot-Long Superyacht Points Towards The Future’ published on 16th January 2020 by Bill Springer.

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