In November 2017 this Private luxury 62ft Pershing sank after striking a navigational bouy at 30mph in St Aubin’s bay in Jersey, after failed attempts to salvage vessel, it has now washed up on the beach in Portbail, Normandy.

The accident occurred on 17th November 2017 when a luxury 62 Pershing sport yacht struck the bouy in St Aubins Bay in Jersey, the damaged yacht rapidly took on water and the two crew called for mayday assistance, then abandoning ship into life raft. The two occupants were rescued from the sinking vessel by the Jersey Fire and Rescue Service and brought the pair to shore without injury.

Divers then spent the following two days attempting to salvage the sunken wreckage however without success and abandoned the operation after the vessel to breakup.

The yacht which reportedly cost around 2.5m Euro was privately owned.

On the Friday 5th January, the hull has repeatably washed up on the beach in Portbail Normandy around 20miles away. The French authorities are now contacting the owners yacht insurance to arrange the removal of the wreckage.

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