The Moscow based Skripnik design has recently released some exiting concept designs of a 37 metre  foiling Superyacht capable of reaching up to 60 knots. High-speed foiling craft is not a new invention, passenger ferries and patrol craft have utilized these features for decades in order to achieve a higher speed and a generally more comfortable ride, but this technology remains to be introduced in the world of yachting.

At full speed the lift associated with the foil design shall significantly reduce the drag to a mere 1.7 metres, a smoother ride should also be experienced due to the reduced exposed hull surface area.

Several hydraulic solutions are designed to transform Rocket from race mode to lifestyle mode. The flybridge is covered with a glass panel that can be raised when the deck is in use, or lowered to create a smooth and flush surface when at high speeds. Additionally, the swim platform neatly disappears when underway and gently slides out to reveal a big bathing area when at anchor.

Article originally sourced from ‘The Superyacht Times‘, Russian Rocket: Skripnik Design’s new 37m foiling superyacht, published on 27th November and written by Charl van Rooy Logo sy times full

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