Yacht Crew salary

Every year Dockwalk collates information from their online salary survey and produces a very interesting and useful report for crew to understand the average wages in the industry.

Yacht crew salary Euros

The more information collected the more informative the results shall be so we are encouraging crew to take a moment and visit the dockwalk website to answer 6 simple questions. The survey is totally anonymous and no personal data is collected.

Dockwalk 2017 Salary Survey www.dockwalk.com/Essentials/SalarySurvey.aspx

In 2016 the results ranged from salaries of just 2,000 EUR for a deckhand on a vessel less than 30m to captains earning in excess of 20,000 EUR on yachts over 60m.

Dockwalk 2016 Salary Review

2016 Salary report summary

Download the complete  2016 Dockwalk Salary Survey    

To submit your position and details into the review please visit the dockwalk website here: www.dockwalk.com/Essentials/SalarySurvey.aspx

2016 Dockwalk Salary Results

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